Our Values

At Pillars, our work is inspired by Muslim tradition, which includes respect, conviction, sacrifice, action, and generosity.

These values drive us to invest in leaders and strengthen organizations that are working to address the complex issues faced by American Muslims today. By harnessing our collective resources, we can serve our own communities and contribute broadly to the world around us.

    We treasure the right to stand with dignity in our convictions and the right of others to hold beliefs different from our own.

    We firmly believe that American Muslims contribute positively to the diversity of our country and its ideals of a just society.

    We value selflessness and believe that putting the needs of the most vulnerable before our own is core to who we are as a community.

    We honor deeds over words and stand with those who take risks and exhibit leadership in challenging times.

    We encourage all in our community to dig deep and give of their resources, taking personal responsibility for the greater good.

“Pillars has been a catalytic and foundational partner to ISPU since its inception, allowing ISPU to build capacity as an anchor institution within the American Muslim space.” ­— Meira Neggaz, Executive Director  |  Institute for Social Policy & Understanding (ISPU)