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Georgia Muslim Voters Are Challenging the Status Quo

Posted By Pillars Fund  /   January 31, 2024

Civic engagement can take many forms: peacefully protesting, calling your representatives, or voting during elections. Pillars grantee partner Georgia Muslim Voter Project (GAMVP) is ensuring that Muslim communities in Georgia are using all the tools in their toolbox to build civic power.

As Georgia primary voters prepare to turn up to the ballot box on March 12 and May 2, GAMVP is educating residents on the importance of local elections and mobilizing civic engagement across Muslim communities in Georgia.

“If our voices aren’t heard, our communities aren’t going to get the resources they need in order to flourish and thrive,” says Shafina Khabani, executive director of GAMVP.

Since 2015, GAMVP has mobilized more than 100,000 Muslim voters across Georgia. This number is a testament to our collective strength, proving that Muslims in the United States have the power to ensure that elected leaders address the issues we care about.

“Muslim communities have often been overlooked when it comes to politics and political representation,” Shafina shares. Watch our video with Shafina to learn how GAMVP is challenging that status quo and visit gamvp.org to learn more.



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