Catalyze Fund

Pillars Fund Catalyze Grants support a vibrant, multidisciplinary network of Muslim organizations and leaders who advance social good.

SINCE 2010, Pillars has invested more than $12 million in Muslim leaders who are creating solutions to some of society’s most persistent challenges.

What We Fund

The Catalyze Fund distributes grants to advance three priorities:

Reimagining public safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes, schools, places of worship, and beyond. But all too often, our communities experience profiling and targeted policing that jeopardizes our safety. Pillars supports Muslim leaders and organizations who are working to end the unjust criminalization of our communities and who are promoting solutions that protect us all. They are addressing issues like mass surveillance, racial and religious profiling, immigrant detention and deportation, prisoners’ rights, and money bail.

Promoting mental health & wellness

Access to adequate health care—including mental health care—is a basic human right. Yet, barriers to access prevent Muslims from receiving the mental health support they need, even as the demand for it grows. Pillars supports organizations and individuals who are building mental healthcare systems that better serve Muslim communities and reimagining what healing for Muslims can look like. These initiatives are working on research, awareness, education, and coalition-building.

Building civic power

A true democracy demands transparency and fully informed, engaged citizens. However, entrenched inequality in the United States has kept many communities out of critical decision-making processes that have real-life consequences. Pillars supports Muslim leaders who are organizing communities, creating relevant civic media, training potential political candidates, mobilizing voters, and ultimately transforming our democracy to one that serves us all.

What We Assess

When an organization applies for a Catalyze Grant at Pillars, we look at the following selection criteria:


Does the proposed work align with Pillars’ mission? Is the idea bold and does it lay out a pathway to progress?


Are the individuals affiliated with the applicant visionary, capable, and trusted?


Does the applicant have adequate staff (or plans to grow), pathways to funding, transparent governance, and solid financial practices?


Do the applicant’s leaders have a clear strategy and a strong track record?

What We Provide

For organizations new to our portfolio, Pillars provides transition grants of $15,000 to $25,000. For returning grantees, awards can range from $25,000 to $125,000.

Pillars provides flexible support and a select number of multi-year grants, encouraging organizations to build movements that outlast the current moment. Beyond the grant, our support includes professional development, digital media support, and networking within the nonprofit and philanthropy spaces. We work to nurture relationships to support a vibrant, growing network among change makers.


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