Culture Change

Pillars Fund amplifies Muslim voices to change the lens through which our stories are told to one that is complex, dynamic, and honest.

Pillars’ culture change programs support Muslim artists who want to share their stories and engage industry leaders in promoting accurate narratives.

Why culture change?

We believe that by telling more honest and nuanced stories about our communities, we can reclaim our histories and reimagine our futures as Muslims. Since its inception, Pillars has financially supported Muslim organizations and leaders. As we bolstered our grantmaking, we realized that to achieve our mission, it was no longer sufficient to only invest in civic causes. We also had to consider damaging narratives about Muslims that make the work of Muslim-focused organizations significantly more difficult. Pillars’ culture change work supports those who are intentionally reaching broader audiences with an abundance of different narratives, in turn creating a better environment for Muslims to make meaningful change.

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