Our Portfolio

In 2024, Pillars Catalyze Fund gave $2 million to 31 Muslim-focused initiatives reimagining public safety, promoting mental health and wellness, and building civic power.


Our 2024 Organizational Partners

Action Center on Race and the Economy Institute

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 2017

Allied Media Projects


American Muslim

Location: New York, NY  |  Year Founded: 2019

American Muslim Advisory Council

Location: Nashville, TN  |  Year Founded: 2012

American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute

Location: Los Angeles, CA  |  Year Founded: 2008

American Muslim Health Professionals

Location: Rolling Meadows, IL   |  Year Founded: 2017

Arab American Family Services


Believers Bail Out

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 2007

Blue Tin Production

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 2019

Center for New Community


Chicago History Museum

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 1856

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Location: New York, NY  |  Year Founded: 1973

Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL) Education Fund



Location: Long Island City, NY   |  Year Founded: 2009

Dream of Detroit

Location: Detroit, MI   |  Year Founded: 2013


Location: Lakeland, FL  |  Year Founded: 2006

Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc.


Georgia Muslim Voter Project

Location: Norcross, GA   |  Year Founded: 2015

Global Deaf Muslim USA

Location: Falls Church, VA   |  Year Founded: 2018

Hamdard Healthcare

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 1992

Hartford Seminary


Hurma Project

Location: Crestwood, IL   |  Year Founded: 2018

Inner-City Muslim Action Network

Location: Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA   |  Year Founded: 1997

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Location: Dearborn, MI & Washington, D.C.   |  Year Founded: 2002

Interfaith Youth Core

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 2002

International Museum of Muslim Cultures

Location: Jackson, MS   |  Year Founded: 2000

Inverse Surveillance Project

Location: Bridgeview, IL  |  Year Founded: 2015

Islamic Networks, Inc.


Islamic Scholarship Fund

Location: Newark, CA  |  Year Founded: 2009

Jetpac Inc

Location: Cambridge, MA  |  Year Founded: 2015


Location: Astoria, NY   |  Year Founded: 2010


Location: Fremont, CA   |  Year Founded: 2021

MPower Change

Location: New York, NY   |  Year Founded: 2015


Location: Naperville, IL  |  Year Founded: 2014

Muppies, Inc

Location: New York, NY  |  Year Founded: 2006

Muslim Advocates

Location: Washington, DC  |  Year Founded: 2005

Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative

Location: Alta Loma, CA  |  Year Founded: 2014

Muslim Power Building Project

Location: Washington, DC  |  Year Founded: 1972

Muslim Wellness Foundation

Location: Philadelphia, PA   |  Year Founded: 2011

Muslim Women’s Alliance


Muslims for Just Futures

Location: Washington, D.C.   |  Year Founded: 2022

National Immigration Project

Location: Washington, D.C.   |  Year Founded: 1980

NEO Philanthropy


New American Leaders

Location: New York, NY   |  Year Founded: 2010

PICO National Network

Location: Washington, D.C.  |  Year Founded: 1972

Pillars of the Community

Location: San Diego, CA   |  Year Founded: 2012

Polaris Foundation, Inc.


Project South

Location: Atlanta, GA   |  Year Founded: 1986

Proteus Fund


Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment

Location: Minneapolis, MN   |  Year Founded: 2016

Sahaba Initiative

Location: San Bernadino, CA  |  Year Founded: 2010

Sapelo Square

Location: Ann Arbor, MI   |  Year Founded: 2015

Stanford Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab

Location: Redwood City, CA   |  Year Founded: 1885

Ta’leef Collective

Location: Fremont, CA  |  Year Founded: 2005

The Appellate Project

Location: Washington, DC  |  Year Founded: 2019

The Brooklyn Historical Society

Location: Brooklyn, NY  |  Year Founded: 1863

The Muslim Civic Coalition

Location: Oak Brook, IL   |  Year Founded: 2018

Unity Productions Foundation

Location: Potomac Falls, VA  |  Year Founded: 1999

University Muslim Medical Association


Urban Muslim Minority Alliance (UMMA)


Vigilant Love

Location: Los Angeles, CA   |  Year Founded: 2015

We Are All America

Location: Chicago, IL  |  Year Founded: 2017

Yemeni American Merchants Association

Location: Brooklyn, NY   |  Year Founded: 2017


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