Pillars Fund amplifies the leadership, narratives, and talents of Muslims in the United States to advance opportunity and justice for all.

OUR VISION We envision a society where Muslims have access to every opportunity, are free to fully embody all of their identities, and are empowered to pursue their greatest aspirations.

Since our founding in 2010, Pillars has distributed more than $12 million in grants to Muslim organizations and leaders who advance social good. We invest in community-focused initiatives, push back against harmful narratives, uplift Muslim stories, and give collectively to generate resources within Muslim communities for Muslim communities.

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Our Values

At Pillars, our work is inspired by courage, people, abundance, imagination, and solidarity.

  • Courage

    We know that dismantling the systems of oppression that impact our communities requires courageous interruption, especially when resistance incurs risk. We consistently strive to uphold justice, even if it is against ourselves.

    At Pillars, we value bold action in the face of inequity.

  • People

    We honor the unique, multidimensional experiences of our people and communities. We recognize that self-care and collective-care are needed to sustain our work and power our movement.

    At Pillars, we value the right to a joyful existence.

  • Abundance

    We recognize the overflowing talent, leadership, and generosity that lives in our communities. We lean on this fullness to confront the painful reality of injustice and transform it so we all have what we need to thrive.

    At Pillars, we believe there is enough for everyone.

  • Imagination

    We acknowledge the need to reshape society beyond the bounds of current imagination. We make space for the cultural innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness required to build a more beautiful world.

    At Pillars, we believe in investing in daring ideas.

  • Solidarity

    We understand that relationships are built on trust. We are committed to the practice of accountability with ourselves and with each other.

    At Pillars, we believe that our collective power will grow if it is rooted in community.


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