Pillars believes that strong leaders and institutions are key to creating a world where American Muslims can live and thrive with dignity.

IN 2010 five philanthropists came together to form Pillars, investing $25,000 each to address the deep, systemic causes of injustice and inequality. Today, this giving community is made up of more than two dozen entrepreneurs and leaders who believe that collective action can transform society and achieve justice.

Our Priorities

Pillars has a competitive grant making process that includes a formal application review by our professional program staff and voting by our Board of Trustees. Our Community Infrastructure Fund makes grants to nonprofit organizations to advance three priorities:


We support social and policy change efforts that protect and expand the human and civil rights of us all.


We support the growth and nurturing of whole, healthy American Muslim communities.


We support a range of approaches to amplify American Muslim voices and create a deeper understanding of American Muslims.