Hurma Project

Grant Type: Program Support

Duration: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Organization Overview

The Hurma Project is committed to upholding the sacred inviolability of each person in Muslim spaces by elucidating the special responsibilities of those holding power and authority and educating those who are vulnerable about their God-given dignity and rights. Hurma Project manifests this commitment by engaging in original and collaborative research with experts, including survivors of spiritual abuse, and sharing their findings on accessible platforms.


The Hurma Project aims to be a resource and thought leader for Muslim community leaders and organizations seeking principles and processes to prevent and respond to abuse in Muslim spaces. Following an inaugural training and convening in 2018 and a ground-breaking research symposium in January 2020, the Hurma Project launched a podcast in 2021 to make its critical research and practice more accessible to broader audiences.

Throughout 2022, the Hurma Project engaged in a robust collaboration with the Association of Muslim Chaplains (AMC), a professional organization of approximately 250 members across the U.S., to refine and implement its Code of Conduct. As the founder of the first accredited graduate program for Muslim chaplains more than 20 years ago, Hurma Project’s Founder and Director Dr. Ingrid Mattson has a particularly close and productive relationship with this influential group of leaders who are elevating the standard expected for other religious professionals, such as imams. In 2022, the Hurma Project established a limited-term research group of ten academic scholars of Islamic Studies to dig deeper into misunderstandings about Islam, spiritual abuse, and accountability. After four years of research, collaboration, and public engagement, the Hurma Project will continue to create a comprehensive communication and education strategy that will allow the Muslim community to access and benefit from their work and insights.

Year founded: 2018

Location: Crestwood, IL