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International Museum of Muslim Cultures

Grant Type: General Operating

Duration: January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Organization Overview

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC) educates the American public about Islamic history and culture. Based in Jackson, Mississippi—a crucible of historic and present-day U.S. civil rights movements—IMMC uses this history as a community mobilizer to influence awareness, knowledge, and action across race, gender, religion, and class.


IMMC is a cultural hub in the process of transforming from a regional destination to an institution with national impact. Housed in the Mississippi Arts Center in downtown Jackson, IMMC is building on 17 years of programming and relationships with community partners: the City of Jackson, Jackson public schools, and institutions of higher education, including Tougaloo and Millsaps colleges. Currently, IMMC features the “Muslims with Christians and Jews: An Exhibition of Covenants and Coexistence,” which opened in June 2020 at IMMC’s satellite location in downtown Jackson. The museum was recognized by USA Today as one of the 10 best religious museums in the country, and its Covenants exhibition earned international recognition through the Montreal-based Golding Award. Because of the pandemic, IMMC has endured closures of its physical space and has maintained its engagement through remote opportunities. In 2021, IMMC has strong support from local institutions and national funders to focus on its leadership and developing its online presence in order to endure the challenges of the pandemic and thrive in the years to come.

Year founded: 2001

Location: Jackson, MS

Website: https://www.immuslimcultures.org/


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