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Grant Type: General Operating

Duration: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Organization Overview

Maristan is a mental health organization dedicated to serving the Muslim community through research, community outreach and education, trainings, and clinical work.


Maristan seeks to revive the historical legacy of bimaristans, the world’s first treatment centers for mental well-being and holistic healing. Maristan’s research—in collaboration with the Stanford Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology (MMHIP) Lab—aims to diversify the dearth of academic literature on Muslim populations and their unique mental health needs. The research draws upon empirical practices to inform better community interventions, raise awareness, tackle stigmas, and change the narrative around mental health in Muslim communities. Maristan utilizes their research to develop culturally and religiously sensitive educational programs and trainings to support the well-being of the Muslim community. Since its creation in April 2021, Maristan has conducted eight educational events with Muslims across the country and around the world. Maristan is slated to launch their national Suicide Response Training program to instruct Muslim community leaders and imams on suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

Year founded: 2020

Location: Fremont, CA

Website: https://www.maristan.org/


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