Muslim Power Building Project

Grant Type: Program Support

Duration: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Organization Overview

The Muslim Power Building Project (MPBP) is a nationwide initiative committed to advancing the leadership of emerging Muslim organizers. MPBP’s mission is not confined to building political power; they actively nurture leaders who create generative social change, champion racial and gender equity, and cultivate a sense of collective liberation that transcends social divisions.


The Muslim Power Building Project (MPBP) offers training, resources, collaborative learning, and skill-building opportunities to Muslim organizers. In 2016, MPBP recognized a compelling need for a nationwide network of Muslim organizers dedicated to addressing the social and political challenges impacting American Muslims. A sharp rise in hate crimes, anti-Muslim racism, gendered Islamophobia, and state violence amplified this need. In response, MPBP designed an intensive training program for a diverse nationwide network of Muslim organizers. Their ongoing annual cohort underscores the integral relationships between faith and social justice, highlighting the critical role of civic engagement, coalition building, and community care in allied social movements.

MPBP has equipped organizers nationwide with the personal and organizational tools necessary to build political power that are firmly grounded in gender, racial, and ethnic justice and deeply rooted in community. They provide strategies to tackle the unique challenges confronting American Muslim communities and counter interconnected oppressive systems. MPBP’s organizing efforts employ a human-centered framework, drawing inspiration from historical narratives of resistance and the intersections of present-making, wellness, community care, and social justice. They have an unwavering commitment to envisioning and building a world in which every human can flourish and are dedicated to forging alternative pathways to transform this vision into a tangible reality.

Year founded: 1972

Location: Washington, DC