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Muslim Power Building Project

Grant Type: Program/Project

Duration: January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Organization Overview

The Muslim Power Building Project, housed by Faith in Action, develops the capacity of American Muslim organizers to engage communities in the movement for racial and economic justice, deepen Muslim organizing, and intersect with parallel movements.


In 2021, the Muslim Power Building Project adapted to remote organizing to launch and support its next class of fellows to build out networks. In the process, it is bolstering the leadership needed to serve as the catalyst for uniting an intersectional faith voice, building resilience, and adding the sophisticated organizing strategy that American Muslim communities direly need. This includes coordinating training curricula to deepen networks, coordinate, provide feedback, learn from each other, build the field and strengthen American Muslim civil society by embedding leadership and knowledge in the American Muslim community, and ensuring that the next generation of leaders can benefit from existing systems, mentors, and models for leadership and organizing.

Year founded: 1972

Location: Washington, DC

Website: https://faithinaction.org/


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According to @TheISPU, 1 in 5 Muslims reported challenges when sending or receiving payments using business account… (link)