Stanford Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab

Grant Type: Program Support

Duration: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Organization Overview

The Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab is a Stanford University–based facility dedicated to multidimensional mental health research in diverse American Muslim communities nationally. MMHIP aims to facilitate community-based best practices for Muslim well-being, with a particular focus on suicide prevention and postvention, an intervention conducted after a suicide.


The Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab is working alongside Muslim community members to address questions related to suicide: What can we do to prevent it? If it does take place, how can Muslim community members come together to heal? The lab is first and foremost a research facility addressing the significant lack of data both locally and globally on the incidence of suicide among Muslims. Parallel to that research is the lab’s community-based approach to creating research-backed suicide prevention and postvention trainings for leaders in Muslim communities nationwide. So far, the lab has trained leaders in California, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, New York, and Minneapolis in the aftermath of suicides in their local Muslim communities. The lab will continue to build on its research and community leadership to scale its work and equip a new generation of Muslim leaders with the tools necessary to promote collective healing and well-being.

Year founded: 1885

Location: Redwood City, CA