Unity Productions Foundation

Grant Type: Program/Project

Duration: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Organization Overview:

Unity Productions Foundation counters bigotry and promotes peace and understanding by producing compelling and powerful narratives of Muslims through film, TV, and news media.

Request Overview:

The Muslims on Screen & Telivision (MOST) Resource, is the Hollywood engagement initiative at Unity Productions Foundation. As Muslim themes and characters appear more often in television and film, script-writers and producers face a complex challenge: presenting authentic characters and stories that transcend stereotypes. UPF’s MOST—Muslims on Screens and Television—has presented to over 300 scripted shows/films and worked with over 40 to address this challenge, including Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, The Daily Show, Bones, The Carmichael Show, Army Wives, Madam Secretary. While the results have been positive, the presence and activity of MOST needs a boost to meet increasing demands. MOST’s events include the annual Hollywood Iftar, a gathering of scriptwriters and producers gathered to understand Muslims as a spiritual, social and cultural phenomenon.

Year founded: 1999

Location: Potomac Falls, VA

Website: https://www.upf.tv/