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Unity Productions Foundation

Grant Type: Program/Project

Duration: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018

Organization Overview:

Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) is convinced that media can empower citizens with greater understanding and nourish pluralism in the United States and around the world. UPF believes that Muslims are misunderstood because the stories of their humanity and contribution are not known, and it works to counter bigotry and promote peace and understanding by producing compelling and powerful narratives of Muslims through film, TV, and new media.

Program Overview:

UPF’s program Muslims on Screen and Television (MOST Resource) helps script writers and producers develop inspiring, non-stereotypical Muslim narratives by consulting television programs, providing educational opportunities, developing resources, and helping aspiring Muslims in TV and film. MOST has worked with dozens of shows to date.

Request Overview:

UPF seeks a Pillars grant to support its MOST Resource, which has the overarching goal to help create a professional climate in the entertainment industry that routinely includes well-rounded, non-stereotypical, Muslim narratives.

Year founded: 1999

Location: Potomac Falls, VA

Website: https://www.upf.tv/